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Zoltán Szűcs

Zoltán Szűcs

Attraction – Biography

Attraction are the world’s leading and most sought after Shadow and Black Light Theatre Company in the world. With their revolutionary and awe-inspiring performances, Attraction absorbs their audiences into a new dimension. Formed in 2004 by prolific Hungarian Artist and Choreographer Zoltan Szucs; Attraction have toured the world, creating consistent demand for their unique art that has the ability to cross borders, break language barriers and emotionally touch the hearts of nations across the globe. Flying their home flag, Attraction are cultural ambassadors for Hungary and have performed for royal families across the world including the Danish Queen’s 75th Birthday which was aired on Danish television, the royal family of Dubai as well as The Royal family in the UK on the very prestigious Royal variety show,

In 2013, Attraction won the largest televised talent contest in the world ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and became the first foreign act to do so – their art had the ability to touch the hearts of audiences of more than 100 million throughout the world. This performance still lives in the hearts of the viewers who voted Attraction the winners of the BGT ‘Online World Cup’ for the most memorable performance in the history of the show. After the huge success of the show, Attraction have performed on TV shows across the world including the Chinese New Year’s Eve gala on CCTV which had over 1 billion people as well as them performing on the middle autumn festival show.

Zoltan set his sights on London’s prestigious West End to premiere Attraction’s highly anticipated full-length production “The Box” premiering it at the London Palladium. Receiving rave reviews, Attraction are delighted to be touring “The Box” throughout the world, first in Mexico.

Attraction have also been involved in many successful advertising campaigns and launches with globally recognized brands such as Coca Cola, Chevrolet, BMW, LG, Novotel, Nokia, Dolce & Gabbana, Unilever and one of the biggest television commercial campaign of the year in the UK for the Swinton Insurance company. They also performed at the draw for FIFA’s 2019 Women’s World Cup in Paris opening ceremony and than with the best of the best talent and previous winners from the ‘Got Talent’ shows across over 184 countries on the brand new ‘America’s Got Talent – The Champions’ in Los Angeles, was airing in February 2019 on NBC in the US.

In 2019 – Attraction were touring with 2 performing groups 50 date across China’s biggest theatres, including Beijing Opera House.

In 2021-2022 Attraction contracted with one of the largest cruise line company to deliver espectacular shows for different cruise ships all around the world.

With more than 250 million YouTube views and live performances in front of thrilled audiences matching that incredible figure, the demand for Attraction continues to soar.

Szűcs Zoltán

Attraction – Performance Genres


Attraction create every picture, shape, object, movement in their shadow performances using their most incredible tool, their bodies.

The Attraction Shadow Show combines performance art and technology to inspire audiences, reinforcing messaging and/or illustrating a story through compelling silhouette visual effects, created by our choreographer. The visual effects, and the live pictures of the human bodies produces an unforgettable visual spectacle.

The origins of the ‘shadow’ genre came from China, where they used candlelight reflecting on white fabric to create shadows. Attraction Performances have kept this beautiful and traditional style of performance alive throughout their work through their simplest-greatest, human and heart touching storytelling, using light technology, whilst always keeping the art authentic to its origins.

Black Light

Attraction’s Black Light Theatre performance was the first and remains the only style of its kind in Hungary.

Attraction Black Light Theatre are among the most sought after and popular performances of its kind. These breath-taking and powerful shows have so far been seen and celebrated by more than 100 thousand people. Wowing its viewers with its incredible illusions, immense color and magic, this is a place, where there is no gravitation and the rules of physics no longer apply. A black hole out of time and out of space which has its own rules and frame of reference.

The Black Theatre absorbs, thrills and enchants everyone. Watching it, the audience are in a new dimension, a new, non-existing wonder world where the audience, the dance, the choreography, the motion, the light and the music melt in one perfect harmony.

With its thrilling, exciting, sincere and thought-provoking shows, the Attraction Black Light Theatre invites the audience to take part in a visual and mental adventure where they are entered into a new fantasy world using their own imagination.

The dancers can become a multiple of sizes, shapes, objects, formations, like tiny particles, alone or in groups drift here and there in pulsing, repeating or varying streams, sometimes touching, sometimes bouncing back from the edges of the stage. Dots, bodies, shapes grasp each other, pushing, moving, merging into a bigger, universal move. They appear, disappear a moment is unique and never comes back, words are not enough to describe it.

Video Mapping

Attraction’s Video mapping performance combines 3D and interactive mapping with breath taking visual effects, choreography and unique sound scores. Through the use of high level projecting technology and panoramic effects, this is a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory onstage visual experience! With the use of premium quality graphical content created by the award winning, world famous 3D-artist Zsolt Bordos, high-tech effects seamlessly synchronized with live performance create a spectacular experience that is extremely moving whilst remaining completely unique, creative and taking its viewers on a visual journey into a new world.